Lessee will please provide copy to Caterers and Florists In addition to T&C and Facility Rental Rules for usage of Rebus Works (and grounds), copy of which shall be provided by Lessee to Caterer, Caterer is specifically responsible for following:

Caterers: All caterers must possess valid Caterer’s license.  

Alcohol: Any alcohol served must be coordinated with Rebus Works.

Tables and Equipment: Caterer and/or Lessee are responsible for providing table and equipment needed to service event that exceeds what is provided by Rebus Works (see list). Any Rebus Works furniture or equipment that is utilized must be adequately protected from damage against hot/cold containers and stain damage.

Supplies: Caterer and Lessee responsible for all prep tools, china, crystal, glasses, eating utensils, napkins, tablecloths, towels, cleaning materials, etc. used for event. No supplies from kitchen/pantry of Rebus Works may be used.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted at Rebus Works.

Kitchen: Rebus Works has NO kitchen facilities. Caterer or food truck will have to arrange for your cooking, storage and prep needs.

Spills: IF food or liquid spill on the furnishings or floors, please report immediately to Event Coordinator. Proper cleaning of spills is paramount to retaining your security deposit.

Liabilities: All liabilities and claims that arise against Rebus Works and Shonna Greenwell, LLC from caterer’s usage are released under terms of Release and Indemnity Contract signed by Lessee and are incorporated herein by reference.

Rental Equipment: Rental Equipment, dishes, and utensils must be delivered and picked up same day as function. If other arrangements are necessary, you must obtain prior approval from Event Coordinator, at 919-710-9886. All rental vendors must be approved in advance by Event Coordinator.

Dishes and Glasses: Caterer must provide sufficient staff to circulate during event to clear bottles, glasses, and other trash from tables; waste trays/bus pans should be provided inside.

Clean Up: At conclusion of function, all tabletops and surfaces on which food or beverages have been placed must be wiped clean. Do not use polishes, waxes or sprays unless pre-authorized by Rebus Works Staff. Floor is to be vacuumed/swept. Please check that there is not trash left in parking/patio or sidewalk areas.

Trash, Recycling and Waste: All food, food waste, cartons, and trash must be removed to trash/recycling area. All waste must be bagged or otherwise sufficiently contained. Any additional trash or recycling that exceeds our facility must be removed by Lessee.

Prior to departure: Check facility to make sure you have not left anything behind. Check grounds and outdoor area. Please notify Event Coordinator upon departure so a quick walk-through can be completed.