Reservation Guide

‍‍‍‍‍‍Contact the Event Coordinator (919-754-8452), weekdays between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, or email [email protected]‍‍‍ An interview is necessary before reservations can be made. Only one event may be scheduled for any particular day. Please be sure that Rebus Works (includes parking lot, surrounding “grounds”) is in order after your event, and notify the Event Coordinator of your intention to leave. Others will rent this space and each party expects it to be clean and orderly. Normal business resumes at our space the next day, so it is important that you leave Rebus Works as you find it. To help keep Rebus Works in proper order, it is important that you observe the following rules:

‍‍‍‍‍‍To Reserve Rebus Works‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍The Event Coordinator or a staff person will be available to you to open the facility. Please phone the Event Coordinator (919-754-8452) at least 4 days prior to your function to discuss the time you will need access to Rebus Works. Equipment and Supplies.  Our staff is not sufficient to provide support services and/or equipment for events held here. Each group must assume full responsibility for providing support services, decorating, set up and clean up. Immediately following the function, clean up must include removing from the premises all items brought to the property. No items may be left at the property for pick up at a later time. The premises should be cleared by 12:01 PM. Items in the refrigerator, freezer, or kitchen and pantry shelves, or on display elsewhere in Rebus Works may not be used by Lessee or the caterers under any circumstances. All rental equipment must be delivered and picked up on the same day as your function.  Should you have extenuating circumstances and require an exception, you must have approval prior to the day of your function from the Rebus Works Event Coordinator. All rental vendors must be approved in advance by the Rebus Works. Clean Up. Clean up must include wiping of countertops/tabletops used during the function, removing all decoration and equipment brought to the property, and all trash. You must leave Rebus Works and surrounding grounds and parking lot as you found it. Please notify the Event Coordinator or the Rebus Works staff person prior to departing so they may do a walk through. All trash resulting from your function must be removed (contained) to the Rebus Works trash area. We are happy to let you use this area as long as the trash is bagged, boxed, etc, and left in an orderly manner. Any trash that cannot be handled in this manner must be taken with you. The same goes for “recycling”.  All food waste must be removed from the property‍‍‍ at the end of the function. Lessee and/or caterer are responsible for providing trash bags.

Set Up and Clean Up

Smoking is not allowed at Rebus Works. It should go without saying that illegal items or activities are not allowed on premises.

Prohibited Items‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍Rehearsals for wedding and commitment ceremonies at Rebus Works are free of charge. Whether or not you require access to Rebus Works, rehearsal times must be scheduled in advance to avoid conflicts with‍‍‍ scheduled (paid) events and functions. In the event of a conflict, Lessee must reschedule rehearsal to non-conflicting time. Contact Event Coordinator at 919-754-8452 if you need to arrange a rehearsal time.

‍‍‍Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍All decorations must be approved by the Rebus Works Event Coordinator.  Refrain from attaching any items to walls, windows, doors or woodwork, unless express consent is given. Any tables, equipment, etc. that are used by Lessee must not be pushed up against the walls nor have bases or legs that may damage our floors. We request that number of people decorating and arranging be limited to four. Parking should be off premises, with exception of loading in and out. Plenty of off-street parking is available on nearby neighborh‍‍‍ood streets. Please be respectful of people’s private property, gardens and driveway access. All decorations are to be removed from premises immediately following event unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We are not responsible for decorations left on property after everyone has departed. Bird seed, rose petals, and/or bubbles are all acceptable for outdoor use. Rice, confetti, party string and sparklers are prohibited. If excessive rose petals are used, Lessee is responsible for clearing parking lot and sidewalk area.


‍‍‍The artwork at Rebus Works shall not be moved without express consent of Event Coordinator. If necessary, any moving will be handled by Rebus Works staff. Part of the beauty of using Rebus Works as ‍‍‍a Venue for events is uniqueness of artwork we have on display at any given time. We cannot guarantee that specific works will be on display at a specific time. Unfortunately, we are not able to take requests on which works we choose to display. We will make sure everything for your event is up to our standards and looks great for your guests. Please respect the furniture and artwork, and ask a responsible person to watch and ensure that these items are treated with care. Anything that is damaged during your event (including works of art) would be subject to reimbursement by the Lessee. All artwork on display is available to purchase for your home or business, as well. Please ask your caterer to ensure separate waste trays are set up at Rebus Works for dirty dishes and watch to ensure that dirty dishes are removed immediately from furniture surfaces.


‍‍‍Any alcoho‍‍‍l served must be coordinated with Rebus Works.  Additional permits may be required.


Florists:‍‍‍ Florists must furnish their own containers for flowers and decorations. Every plant must have an underlying tray to prevent water/moisture seepage to our floors and furniture. Lessee should so notify Flor‍‍‍ist. All equipment, vases, etc, must be removed immediately following event by either Lessee or Florist.

Caterers: Caterers must have valid caterer’s license. Prior to your function, Lessee is responsible for providing caterer with a copy of the “Terms and Conditions” (T&C) included in this Contract. Caterers and/or Lessee are responsible for providing all tables, chairs, preparation tools, china, crystal, eating utensils, etc. not specifically mentioned in rental agreement. Any dishes, utensils, etc. found in cabinets or on shelves at Rebus works may not be used.


Live Music and DJ’s:‍‍‍ All musical instruments must be approved by Rebus Wo‍‍‍rks Event Coordinator in advance. Equipment and output needs are subject to limitations of our electrical system.

Stereo System: Rebus Works features an integrated speaker system with an auxiliary cable for direct streaming from mobile devices and laptops.

Noise Ordinance: Rebus Works is in a residential neighborhood.  Due to City Ordinance, music outside must stop at 11:00 PM. This ordinance is strictly enforced (helped by the neighbors), and cannot be extended for even one minute after 11:00 PM.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.