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May 14 Market

Second Saturday | BEETS + STRAWBERRIES

Second Saturday is once-a-month celebration of local food and community that showcases all the hard work being done every day in Raleigh to build a healthy and sustainable local food system. The theme this month is BEETS + STRAWBERRIES. You can find links to recipes below the table of this week's vendors.
Sweet Peas Urban Gardens
Fat Radish Farm
Part & Parcel
Microgreens, shrooms and the occasional very large poultry eggs Many types of organic fruits and vegetables, pastured organic eggs and chicken. Local sustainable small farm. CSA Pick up.
DOUBLE T TinyFarm AllisFarmNEW
Double T Farm
Tiny Farm
Allis Farm
Organic and sustainably managed farm specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables for CSA, restaurants, farm stand and market. Fruits, Vegetables, herbs, cut flowers Eggs! Specializing in heirloom and open pollinated vegetables. Using not only sustainable practices but growing vegetables as artisans. Most work done by hand and without the use of synthetic or organic pesticides or herbicides. Much of the work is done by hand to control weeds and insects with exception of our family's first tractor purchased in the 1950s. Our vegetables are grown in a virtual time machine.
WICKED+WOVEN LouHortonSculptureRev1
Lou Horton Sculpture
All natural soaps and body care products. Mostly Vegan Scented Soy Candles with repurposed wood lids/coasters. Huge knitted scarves, chunky knitted blankets and pillows, faux fur pillows Cherished personal adornments made from broken vintage dishes
PeruvianMarketRev1 Knittings&Things
Peruvian Market
Knittings & Things
Ponchos, Shawls, Andean Hats, Mittons, Scarfs made from Alpaca wool. Silver jewelry. Cotton shirts and dresses. Knittings of all shapes and sizes, clothes, scarves, hats, afghans, socks, shirts, tops etc

May Second Saturday | Beets + Strawberries

"Heidi Swanson, a San Francisco based photographer and cookbook author, created the natural foods recipe journal, 101 Cookbooks, about cooking with whole, natural foods. She highlights recipes from favorite cookbooks, as well as recipes she writes herself- inspired by ingredients that intersect her life, travels, and everyday interests. Some recipes to use with your beets and strawberries from 101 Cookbooks:

Homemade Strawberry Almond Milk

strawberry-almond-milk-recipe-9Beet Caviar beet_caviar_recipe Roasted Strawberries roasted-strawberries THE SATURDAY MARKET footerRev2