Rowdy Gentleman | Prodigal Farm

Rowdy Gentleman These semi-firm cheeses have a more supple paste than the Dirty Girl, with some openness (air spaces) in the paste. They have an attractive interior layer of vegetable ash, which evokes associations with a Morbier, but unlike Morbier, it is not made from two different milkings. Rowdy Gentleman is a "washed rind" style of cheese, meaning it is wiped down periodically during aging, in this case with a mixture of beer and brine, which creates an orange rind with a somewhat funky aroma. It's a very complex cheese, with three layers of experience: the distinct aroma; the surprisingly mild flavor of the interior paste, and the more pronounced and very appealing flavor of the rind, with an overall meaty, umami, lightly yeasty and lightly tangy flavor, and a long finish. It also reflects what we think of as three layers of terroir (or flavors deriving from a particular location): the goats eat what grows on our farm in our soil; we use a beer produced by a local brewer in our area; and the washed rind cultivates an environment for naturally occurring organism, Brevibacterium linens. BL can be added via a commercial inoculant, but we use what occurs in nature. It's a beautiful and highly distinctive cheese.

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