rebus works

The Rebus Works gallery is now open to host your next event! For more info, or to submit a reservation request, visit our reservations page.

About Rebus Works

Rebus Works began in 2003 as a community oriented gallery run by artists, for artists. A joint project of local photographer Shonna Greenwell and printmaker Lee Moore, Rebus Works focused on media and artists that were less frequently featured in other Raleigh galleries at the time. The gallery filled an important niche in the Triangle, exhibiting edgy, thought-provoking pieces that challenged the viewer. Rebus Works also combined high craft with fine art to showcase the work of North Carolina craftsmen through a collaboration with Penland School of Craft. Today Greenwell, the owner of Rebus Works and proprietor of pH7 Fine Art Framing, upholds the original vision of Rebus Works as a space rooted in the local community. Rebus Works regularly features the work of area artists, and also hosts The Saturday Market, where farmers and crafters show off their wares every weekend. Rebus Works also continues to provide opportunities to learn, grow and be challenged in the form of seasonal Children's Art Camps. The camps grew out of an increasingly obvious need for more accessible arts education, as public school budgets continue to hack away at arts programming. Centered around the intersections of art, nature, science and history, the camps are designed to elevate and explore subject matter rather than simplify complex ideas. Twitter: @Rebusworks Facebook: /rebusworks 1sg55U.AuSt.156