Second Saturday Brunch

Second Saturday Brunch- May 10th from 10:30-12pm

Food + Music = Captain Ponchos and Mariachi Los Galleros de Mexico

galleros01 This is sure to be a festive event so please bring your smiles along with good cheer and make sure to wear your sombrero.Your pre-purchase tickets will include the Menu of the Full Brunch or a Lite Menu. The descriptions of both are below and both include a refreshing glass of horchata and the music of Mariachi Los Galleros de Mexico. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page, fill out the form with your choice. You will then be redirected to paypal. Space is limited. Here's how it works:  Doors open at 10:30am and you'll check in while getting your horchata drink and then find a seat. Nachos will be on the table waiting for you. Then, around 11 am the salad will be brought out and the music will begin shortly. The stuffed Pupusas are next followed by a smooth cup of vanilla gelatina. Brunch service will be over at 12pm but the doors will stay open till 1pm. You'll have the option to purchase a wide selection of beverages while inside Rebus Works, including espresso drinks from Just in Time Coffee and gourmet Sprecher sodas. We'll be mixing up Michelada's, a popular Mexican cocktail or cerveza preparada (prepared beer) that became popular in Mexico in the 40s when people started mixing beer with hot sauce or salsa. It's now starting to catch on in other parts of the world and can be compared to a Bloody Mary. Also available will be Blood Orange Shandy's, and a plethora of local and Mexican beers, chilling and waiting for your consumption. MENU: Nachos- chips and salsa guacamole y queso dip Mexican Salad- baby spinach, bell pepper, cucumber and spicy pepper jack cheese Pupusas- this traditional dish is made with a thick hand pressed corn tortilla made using masa de maiz, a cornmeal dough used in Latin America, that is then stuffed with either pork or vegetables. Vanilla Gelatina for dessert Lite Menu: two tacos and horchata Here's a little background on Captain Ponchos:  Carolina Escobar born in raised in Mexico, she learned the traditional art of her cultures food from a young age. Since the day she began cooking she new that was her passion and something she loved. When she first arrived to the United States she moved to California and worked in a taco truck and now after years passed she's back at it except now she's the owner of the famous taco truck Captain Ponchos. Captain Ponchos started in 2009 with the idea of cooking her favorite Mexican foods with her husband Hector Escobar, and ever since then has been on the rise in the local triangle area of North Carolina. Captain Ponchos is known to public as "the real deal" and one of the best taco trucks in town. She is proud to serve the food from old family traditions.

The Unique Make-Up of the Mariachi Ensemble

In the complete Mariachi group today there are as many as six to eight violins, two trumpets, and a guitar - all standard European instruments. Then there is a high-itched, round-backed guitar called the vihuela, which when strummed in the traditional manner gives the Mariachi its typical rhythmic vitality; a deep-voiced guitar called the guitarró n which serves as the bass of the ensemble; and a Mexican folk harp, which usually doubles the base line, but also ornaments the melody. While these three instruments have European origins, in their present form they are strictly Mexican. The sound that these instruments combine to make is unique. Like the sarape, which often used widely contrasting colors side by side - green and orange, yellow and blue - the Mariachi used sharply contrasting sounds: the sweet sounds of the violins against the brilliance of the trumpets, and the deep sound of the guitarró n against the crisp, high voice of the vihuela; and the frequent shifting between syncopation and on-beat rhythm. The resulting sound is the heart and soul of Mexico.


Second Saturday Brunch at Rebus Works