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Lou Horton Profile Pic Classically trained sculptor making mixed media jewelry from found objects. Market Offerings | Cherished personal adornments made from broken vintage dishes. Favorite Color | Green Loves | CHEESE! Each piece of jewelry is totally unique! GreenIcons_email1GreenIcons_IGFacebookwebsite
Bio | Scouring second-hand stores, Lou searches high and low to find odd, interesting, previously loved porcelain dishes. With her new treasures in hand, she creates the jewelry designs before precisely cutting those found objects resulting in totally new compositions. Not limiting her hunt to the routine and expected, Lou also enjoys collecting glass and pottery shards from the river while hopping on rocks and cooling off during walks in the summer. Years of collecting culminated with mastering stained glass style soldering, the perfect way to turn found bits into cherished keepsakes! From antique shop and thrift store finds, Lou is continually inspired by glass and stone beads, pearls as well as contemporary and vintage jewelry. Finding unique porcelain items suitable for making lovely abstract jewelry satisfies her love of hunting. Cutting shapes to fit her designs fulfills her need to use power tools. Cradling those found objects with solder by using heat and molten metal gratifies her infatuation with fire. The trifecta of fire, power tools, and shopping! Did You Know? | Lou learned to drive before she could walk, loves muscle cars, and prefers to drive barefoot. Who would have guessed by just looking at her?

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