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Lick's Ice Cream | Brian and Nicole Lick's Ice Cream serves scoops of homemade, local, premium ice cream in cones made from locally milled flour or bowls made from biodegradable plastics and spoons made for recycling. also serving fruit sorbet push pops — a vegan, nondairy, no added sugars, no artificial colors or flavors, alternative to ice cream
Lick’s Ice Cream is located at 2628 NC 97 Hwy, Wendell NC in the area referred to as the Lizard Lick crossroads. The business is run by Brian and Nichole Davis from Zebulon NC.  They are both native to this area and currently reside in Zebulon.  Brian and Nichole are former bartenders and have worked in the food industry specializing in customer service and serve-safe practices collectively for 21 years.  Opening a business that specializes in local and eco-friendly products has been a long term passion for each of them. Lick’s Ice Cream gets their product from local dairy farm, Homeland Creamery, in Julian, NC (Guilford County). In business for over 80 years, Homeland Creamery uses environmentally sustainable farming practices. Their cows are never treated with antibiotics, hormones, or rBGH and “low temperature vat pasteurization” is used for their milk, which helps the milk to retains more of its natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Their ice cream is delivered twice weekly to Lick’s Ice Cream, meaning that scoops are practically farm-fresh when served. Waffle cones, cookies, and brownies are all handmade using “locally milled organic flour” from Lindley Mills, Inc. Operating from their Graham NC (Alamance County) location for over 35 years, the mill is an organic specialty flour mill. The folks at Lindley Mills mill wheat (including hard red winter wheat), rye, spelt, corn, and more grains sourced from diverse geographical regions.  The mill’s organic products are certified by Oregon Tilth and Kosher products are certified by OK Labs, and all certified organic grains are non-GMO. Customers are served in biodegradable dishes with ecologically-friendly spoons. Additionally, their serving cups and bowls are plant-based and compostible.  This practice greatly reduces waste and is much more beneficial for the environment! Brian and Nichole accept cash and credit or debit cards. More about Lick’s Ice Cream, including updates, may be found on their Facebook Page. liberally borrowed from "Lick's Ice Cream is Tasty with a Conscience" By Kay Whatley, Editor


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