July 30 Market Planner

July 30 Market Menu Planner & Market List Lately I have been reading other blogs on how it is possible to reduce weekly trips to the grocery store with a little thought and planning before weekly trip to local market. The first step involves creating a meal plan for the week and determining which ingredients you will need. If you are like me, planning what to have for dinner tonight is usually done roughly 30 minutes after realizing hunger is setting in and looking up to see it is already 8 PM. The thought of planning for the whole week seems like an impossible dream! On the other hand, I am all about a form so I created the one below to see if we can do this. I also created a companion page that lists all of the vendors who will be at the market along with as detailed a listing of what will be there as I could assemble. While I am not promising I will be able to create such a detailed list every week, I do want to know if it helps anyone to better organize their market trips. Next week, we'll delve a little deeper into just how to achieve goal of fewer trips to the grocery store. All the best - pdd Market Planner Market Planner_PG2

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