field guide

June 8 - July 27 (opening reception 7-10pm Saturday June 8)

Jason Whitman: My language is that of science and emotion.  My words have consistently been formed in the fur and bones of animals, the still eye of a taxidermy bird specimen, the landscapes and ecosystems that are not only thrived in, but are literally carried on the backs of the indigenous creatures.  There is something in advocating for the voiceless that drives me.  I want you to not only see their story, but I want them to be a reflection of the human condition.  We are a culture that loves to personify our own problems through the tales of animals, from Aesop to Disney.  There is something we can learn from being beguiled by a fox or swallowed by a whale.  More importantly I am currently attempting to make a more direct correlation of the natural world and our own problems, above and below the surface. David Eichenberger: David Eichenberger has always been interested in art whether painting, sculpture, or drawing. Having an overactive imagination as a kid led Eichenberger as an adult to link the vivid images that he saw in his childhood imagination to the art that he creates today. As a kid, he would combine the toys, animals and whatever he was currently obsessed with into a world where they coexisted. This holds true for Eichenberger’s work today, which incorporates a range of elements, from the books he’s read, to the animals, people and plants that surround him. Eichenberger’s art is a reflection of the world that he creates in his head every day. Recently, Eichenberger has been noticing the weight that everyone carries, physically and metaphorically. This weight affects us in many ways, some of them good, by providing comfort, and others bad, by slowing us down. It is the weight of the world with our heavy thoughts of not knowing what comes tomorrow or the weight of a friend standing nearby knowing that they will always be there. It ties us down or gives us strength. Trying to capture this feeling is what currently inspires Eichenberger to draw and create.