Candide (formerly Crottin) | Prodigal Farm

Candide (formerly named Crottin) These are the mildest of our bloomy rinds, with a delicate cream/buttery/mushroomy flavor. They are snowy white inside and out, and weigh in at a dainty 4-5 ounces. Their mild flavor pairs well with many beverages and accompaniments. It's a real team player, making a good wine shine with greatness. They are sublime with a Madeira or sherry. Crottin is a traditional French cheese style that has its roots in the Loire Valley of France. The name "Candide" is a triple play, since it is French, and references the main character of a novel by Voltaire, who is an innocent, as we think the cheese appears. It also references Penicillium candidum and Geotrichum candidum, the cheesemaking molds that form the bloomy rinds.  

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