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Avenue des Chocolats is a woman-run chocolatier that specializes in hand-crafted artisanal chocolates. Market Offerings | European-style chocolate bonbons with silky-smooth ganache centers. Favorite Color | Dark Blue Loves | Chocolate "flavor - fresh - fancy"
Bio | Meet Gabriela, founder, owner, and artisan chocolatier at Avenue des Chocolats. Born in Romania, Gabriela grew up in Sweden. There she pursued a scientific career, while cultivating her love for beauty and creativity, whether by creating herself (clothes designing, drawing, photographing) or by seeking inspiration in others' work (architecture, jazz music, French cinema). After having earned a PhD degree in physics from Lund University, Gabriela decided to realize her dream of moving to France. In Paris, Gabriela worked as a coordinator and manager of R&D projects, while taking time to savor la joie de vivre and her passion for all things French. Incidentally, this included a visit to the Paris' Salon du Chocolat in 2009.European-style chocolate bonbons with silky-smooth ganache centers. In 2012, it was a yet another irresistible passion that urged Gabriela to cross the Atlantic Ocean and settle down in North Carolina: her encounter with her American amour and future husband. In Wilmington Gabriela discovered her passion for cooking – as for enjoying good food, especially chocolaty desserts, that had always been the case! Gabriela also seized this opportunity to do some soul-searching and think of possible ways of reinventing herself. A chance encounter, or rather a “chance read” in a magazine about a former fashion merchandiser who had changed career paths to become an artisan chocolatier inspired her to take the leap and transform her passion for fine chocolate into an actual career. In January 2013 Gabriela enrolled in the Professional Chocolatier program of Ecole Chocolat, from which she graduated with honors. During the two years that followed Gabriela went on practicing chocolate bonbon making and creating her own original recipes, putting all her soul and, yes, passion into it. In January 2015, Avenue des Chocolats was born in Wilmington, NC. In April 2016, Avenue des Chocolats relocated to Raleigh, NC, and Gabriela is looking forward to the challenge of creating a new local following. Did You Know? |


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